Salish Sea Marine Survival Project Publication #11

 Salish Sea Marine Survival Project researchers developed two qPCR assays that can detect Nanophyetus salmincola DNA in water samples, fish tissues, and snail tissues. N. salmincola is a parasite that can cause tissue damage in salmon and steelhead and may impact swimming performance and survival. Other SSMSP research has shown that steelhead from central and southern watersheds of Puget Sounds are infected with high loads of N. salmincola. This new detection tool will allow researchers and managers to monitor parasite levels in local watersheds and hatcheries and could improve managers’ ability to prevent or treat fish infections. Read more: Purcell et al. (2017) Detection of Nanophyetus salmincola in water, snails and fish tissues by quantitative PCR. DOI: 10.1080/08997659.2017.1365780