Research Activities

The research program began in 2014 and will last 5 years. Today, over 150 scientists and technicians from federal, state, tribal, academic, and nonprofit institutions are in the field and in laboratories assessing the condition of juvenile Chinook, coho and steelhead and their marine environment.

  • Salmon, steelhead and their prey are being collected as the fish migrate downriver and through estuaries, nearshore and into the offshore.
  • Commercial fishermen and the Canadian Coast Guard have mobilized large vessels to help offshore.
  • Acoustic arrays have been installed and are tracking fish movement and survival.
  • Buoys and oceanographic moorings are being deployed, and a citizen science program implemented to monitor marine conditions.
  • Innovative technology is being developed and implemented, including radio-tag satellite devices to count fish consumed by seals and cutting-edge genomics to study disease and survival traits.